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What people hate about lawn care companies

Over the many years of doing lawn care. I’ve notice a trend in what I hear so many people complain about. Below is a list of thing we DONT do. But have noticed many other companies still struggle with.

How We Test & Train The Best People, Even Before We Hire Them!

 Here at Top Notch Lawn Care potential employees must first demonstrate they have what it takes to be qualified to work here. We really only want the very best people in the industry.   All our employees are true specialist. We only hire the very best people we can. We understand that happy employees make […]

How To Stop Dogs From Urinating On Your Lawn

Have You Noticed Brown Spots in Your Grass? Do You or Your Neighbours have a Pet Dog? If so this damage can be cause by a dog urinating on your grass. Dogs have very high acidity in their urine which will kill your grass. There are a number of safe, harmless techniques to create a long-lasting impression […]

The Top Five Lawn Care Company Nightmares

Written by: David Cotterell Are you aware of the many risks associated with hiring a Lawn care/ Landscaping Service Company to take care of your property? For the most part your time is probably spent working, taking care of your daily responsibilities, engaging in your personal and interests, and hopefully relaxing! Hiring a service company […]

Why did you Go Into Business for Yourself and How was Top Notch Services Formed?

The way our company, Top Notch Services was founded, was basically founded by our family. Over eleven years ago, I used to work in the backyard with my father, just sweeping dirt. I remember when he used to clean up after the apple tree. After the apples would fall off the apple tree, we would […]

What did you dislike about other lawn care companies that inspired you to start your own business?

I was working for a company, and, basically, when I was out on the field, and we were doing an application of a fertilizer. I don’t think everybody does this, but I’m pretty sure that this scenario probably happens to a lot of people who hire lawn care companies. You hire somebody to do your […]

Are you licensed, what insurance do you carry, and what does it cover?

Our company is fully insured left or right. All of our employees are WSIB covered, that’s Workplace Safety Insurance Board. We pay a fee all the time to make sure that our employees are protected, if they get injured on your property, you won’t be sued. They’re actually covered through an insurance company called WSIB. […]

What kind of Guarantee do you offer and what does your Guarantee cover?

We are a residential and commercial landscape provider in Toronto. We do a variety of services, but, with doing such a variety of services, it’s hard to give a guarantee for many different companies. With our company, we have a powerful guarantee that we have now on our website. Basically, we’re not like the average […]

How are your staff trained and do they receive continuing education?

When a new employee is hired with our company, he or she is trained on the job, watching the additional employees. We actually train our employees by allowing them to sit right beside us. We walk them through step-by-step, with exactly what to do and how we do it. We also give them videos of […]

What are the top complaints you hear from clients about their previous lawn care company?

The top complaint is “The guy didn’t show up”. Another top complaint that I hear is that, basically, “This guy didn’t close the gate”. “They don’t close the gate”, “they don’t do what they say they’re going to do”, basically, that’s the top complaint. I think the top complaint is, “They didn’t show up and […]