Who We Are…

Lawn Care

Who We Are…

Top Notch Lawn Care  (AKA Top Notch Services) is a family owned business which was started Over 16 Years ago by David & John Cotterell (The “Cotterell” Brothers).

David & John started off with a broom, 21″ lawn mower and a electric weed whacker. Because of their attention to detail, and their extensive background in landscape maintenance, the company grew by 83.3% in the first year. David and John knew what made clients happy and satifisfied that need instantly.

Keeping Up with Advancements in the Lawn Care Industry

Every Year they would take 4 month training courses in order to gain more knowledge and be more valuable to their clients. This practice has not changed since day one.

Since then the company has grown much larger, mostly from word of mouth. Top Notch has possibly the lowest client cancellation rates in the industry. We aim to provide exceptional quality service everyday. We want our clients to have an incredible experience with us always and leave no comparison for competition. We get letters at least once a month confirming this but still we aim to improve everyday.

Sadly a few years ago, John Cotterell died from Leukemia Cancer. Because of his death, Top Notch Services now takes a portion of every payment they receive and donates it to CANCER RESEARCH.

Top Notch Lawn Care continues to grow every year and all the staff continues to take service industry courses (4) months out of every year. When you hire Top Notch Lawn Care, you hire an honest, knowledgeable, friendly, fair and reliable team. A team that will provide you with the highest quality work and service at all times. Hands down.

Satisfied Lawn Care and Landscaping Customers Help Us Grow

Our company has been a family owned and operated business for over 11 years. We have grown quickly because of satisfied clients and many referrals.

We are dedicated to serving our customer’s needs, and our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service.


Our Company’s Goal & Vision

Our aim is to have “ self-employed minded ” employees

that are respectful, helpful and talented at what they to.

The aim of our company is to be the most trusted

Landscaping service provider in the GTA, servicing

every home on every street we work on. Constantly

providing the most reliable, worry free landscaping

service in Toronto.



Our Core Values

Everything we do is aimed to reflected around our core values


  • Keeping promises

  • Having Integrity

  • Being Trustworthy

  • Never pretending and being 100% honest at all times. (Even when it’s hard)

  • Ready to lead

  • Admitting to mistakes and improving immediately.

  • Being organized

  • Constantly learning and aiming to improve daily.

  • Only being an asset to others


Providing Quality Lawn Care, Lawn Mowing, Grass Cutting  & Landscaping