Thanks For Signing up With Us!

Here’s what will happen now that you’ve signed up with us!


  • #1. –  We will book your service date then schedule your service to begin.


  • #2. – You’ll then receive a Welcome Call from us.  We’ll inform you of when your service will begin, gather the required billing information,  ask you a few questions to get to know you better and then mail you your WELCOME PACKAGE!


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Your WELCOME PACKAGE will be sent in the mail shortly. It has lots of FREE Items and lots of information you’ll find useful.



Your Automatically Renewed Each Year

If you signed up for the following services your program will be automatically renewed each following year.



  • Weekly OR Bi – Weekly  Lawn Mowing

  • Spring & Fall Yard Clean Ups

  • Weekly, Bi Weekly OR  Monthly Hedge Trimming

  • Weekly, Bi Weekly OR  Monthly Garden Bed Maintenance


This means when next season rolls around you won’t need to call us and set up your service for that year.

Simply sit back , relax and we’ll  mail you the current year’s Welcome Package.

We will start at the appropriate time each year and you don’t need to worry. We Always Show Up!

If you don’t want your service to be automatically renewed please call to cancel in advance.