Slit Seeding

Don’t Over-seed…

Let Us Slit Seed Your Lawn For Mind Blowing Results!

Slit Seeding is achieved by creating small 1/4 inch slits in the soil where seeds are then dropped into the slits and grow.  Seed is distributed in a uniform fashion across the lawn and has a higher seed-to-soil contact than broadcasting.  This is a great way to renovate tired-looking lawns and thicken turf for a plusher-looking lawn.


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What We Will Do For Your Lawn..

A specialist will arrive with mechanical slit seeder. The slit seeder slices through thatch and drops seed directly into the slices. This process dethaches the lawn, root prunes the grass and places the seed in direct soil contact for a much higher percentage of seed germination than regular over-seeding.


This is what golf courses use to gain beautiful perfect turf!

  • This will highly increases the seeds germination rate creating a fuller lush lawn.
  • You will notice this works better then your past attempts!
  • Stop Wasting Money and get the results you want!