SOD Installation


Be Smart!… Use Us For Your Sod Installation!

 Protect your investment & yourself!

 When we install your new lawn it will last! 100% Worry Free!

Our specialist will remove all the old turf from the requested areas.

We will then purchase pick up and deliver all the new sod, soil, fertilizers and required materials.


Our team of specialist will then professionally prep the new area by cultivating the ground, adding any required soil and fertilizer and levelling the turf. We will then professionally install you new lawn (sod).


  • You will notice our team will clean all the working areas, load all (disposal) debris and haul it away for dumping.
  • You will also notice all the appropriate cuts were made to fit your new sod around garden beds, trees items etc.
  • You will notice a very net job that really will shows off your new lawn (sod)


  • You get a new beautiful perfect lawn instantly
  • You immediately eliminate all weeds, brown areas and turf diseases issues
  • You save money by not trying to constantly fix your old damaged grass.  Fix it once.



why_usReasons Why We Should Install Your New Sod..

  • We do it right the first time – No regrets later
  • We carry  5,000,000  liability insurance for your peace of mind.
  • We have experience – No need to worry or keep an eye out to ensure high quality work. We install your sod correctly and professionally with no question.
  • We provide before and after pictures for your records
  • Knowledge – We will inform you on how to care for you new sod and ensure long term health over the years.
  • Cancer research – A portion of your payment will be donated to cancer research
  • We can provide references upon request
  • Simple payment options for you convenience
  • You will get a new beautiful lawn instantly
  • You will instantly eliminate weeds, brown areas and any tuft diseases
  • You will save money by not constantly trying to fix your existing lawn.  You can fix it once.