De-thatching can be one of the most effective ways to revive your lawn. Thatch prevent water, air and nutrients from getting into the soil and down to the root system

Detaching offers numerous benefits and can make your lawn look healthy and green.

A few Benefits are:

  • Allows your lawn to breath (When thatch inhibits air circulation, disease and pests have the perfect conditions for growth)
  • Water is allowed to soak down into the soil, where it can reach the grass roots. (Thick thatch buildup traps moisture and prevents it from reaching the soil).
  • Removes dead layers of thatch that causes you lawn not to grow well 
  • Seed germination rate is extremely increased ( Seed will make better direct contact with the soil creating a lush thick lawn)
  • Fertilization is much more effective (Because the fertilizer is will be contacting the base of the tuft, your lawn will be a more deep even green and create and even stronger root system.)