Weed Control & Fertilization



Do You Want A Dark Green, Weed Free Lawn?

Impress Clients, Relatives, Friends and Neighbours

A GREEN Weed Free Lawn will make you the envy of the neighbourhood. Everyone Compares the colour of their grass to their neighbours.

For very little money you can have a GREEN, Weed Free Lawn.



Why Use Us To Control Your Weeds and Fertilize Your Grass?


1. – Our Organic Fertilizers are designed to develop thick, healthy, green, Weed Free lawns using organic and organic based products.

2. – We have researched which type of fertilizer will work best for your specific grass.

3. – No synthetic, man-made pesticides are used. Our focus is on creating healthy lawns using an integrated approach to turf management.

4. – It Works!


Your lawn will receive a blended, slow release, professional turf products made in Canada. They are a balanced combination of powerful nutrients for your lawn. We fertilize your lawn the same way golf courses do theirs.  Our fertilizer release nutrients gradually for a consistent feed all season long.


Here’s The Solution We Offer



Our ELITE Program is an Effective 5 Step Fertilization Program


(Full Season)

This Lawn Care & Weed Solutions start working the moment it’s applied.

When you sign up for this program you will get,

Real Benefits!



  • All applications coordinated with our mowing schedule to ensure the most effective fertilization and weed control treatment every time.
  • For very little money you can have a green, weed free lawn.  The impact to drive up appeal, resell value, disease prevention, elimination of thinning issues, reduced mowing frequency all easily offset the very low cost to keep your lawn green, healthy, disease, and weed free.
  • Frequent onsite inspections by our licensed technicians will ensure we catch and prevent disease, fungus, insect, and grub worm problems before they cause major damage that will cost $1000’s to repair.

When to expect your applications?

Your applications we be applied at the perfect time so it will ensure the best results.

Here’s when they will take place.

1. Early Spring  2. Spring  3. Summer  4. Fall  5. Late Fall

 If you start later in the season this program will still work wonders for your lawn.

Our fertilizer makes your lawn greener quickly and gives your lawn a more lush look. It will strengthen the roots of your grass and help bully out weeds.